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Challenge: 200 Words To Begin…

Another Fiction Challenge! I couldn’t resist this one, it sounded way too fun! The challenge: write the first 200 words of a story. Next week, choose a different person’s 200 words and add your own 200 words. The next week the same, ultimately ending with a 1000 word story. Love it! Here is my first 200 words.


The trio looked at the fence in front of them. It was a simple chain link, but it had to be about ten feet high, and the razor wire on top added another two feet. He was expecting this, but he was not expecting to have two girls on his coat tails. He could take care of himself, now he was pretty sure they would all die.

Except for his heavy breathing and the muffled sobs from the girls, it was silent. The setting sun was hidden by an ominous sky, promising rain at any moment. He knew what happened when the rain came, so he needed to move fast. He surveyed the barrier one more time, but froze as the wind brought an all too familiar smell. He turned to face the direction they were running from. The trees edging the clearing began to sway as the wind picked up. He could hear the soft pattering of rain on the leaves. The air rushed out of his lungs as the storm descended upon them, bringing with it more than just wind and rain. The three had to move now or accept certain death.

They were coming.

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  1. Awesome. I decided to do yours. Hope I’ve done it some semblance of justice. It’s up on my blog, already. Nice tension between duty and fight or flight, by the way!

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  5. Hi Adrienne.

    I’ve picked up the story you started for part 4 of Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge:

    Thanks for writing such an intriguing intro.

    All the best.


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